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FINECUS is one of the leading Financial Software Companies providing insight to risk managers about the financial sectors. Our aim is to accurately quantify risks, to enable managers to optimize the use of their capitals, and perform risk-return analysis while meeting regulatory requirements.

FINECUS Scoring Tool (Avra) enables clients to figure out riskiness of companies from different sectors. User defined scoring algorithms can be used as well as the statistical scoring models generated by the software. Various statistical scoring models are incorporated into the module which can update the scoring algorithm as required.

Avra also supports the Performance Tracking of the scoring algorithms. Clients can choose which algorithm to use in their decisions and can monitor the performance of the currently used scoring methods. The Performance Tracking property of the module helps the clients to monitor the performance of the scoring both historically and also with comparison to other scoring algorithms. The causes of a possible deterioration of the scoring can be checked by the module and the related components of the scoring can be analyzed by the system.

Avra can also transforms scores into ratings and can present the portfolio characteristics. For better compliance with BaselII, the necessary performance testing of the ratings and validation tools are also included.

Key Advantages of Avra include ;

- Advanced Statistical Tools for Scoring Algorithm Generation
- User defined Scoring Algorithms
- Performance Testing Tools
- Easy Transformation of Scoring to Rating
- Portfolio Analysis
- Customized Reports

Features of the Software


Portfolio Monitoring Tools

The riskiness of the portfolio can be monitored. Customized reports prepared for top management and different departments present the outputs in various levels of detail. Rating, Location, Credit Type and such concentrations and amounts can be easily monitored by the software.

Scoring Module

Various advanced statistical techniques such as Logit, Probit and Discriminant Analysis are incorporated in the module to calculate the scoring according to data. The scoring can be updated by the user for any method when necessary. The client can check the performance of the techniques with historical data and can use any specific scoring algorithm. Transformations and various parameters are included in the statistical techniques.

Performance Analysis

FINECUS Scoring Tool also incorporates the Rating Performance of the scoring systems. For Basel II requirements necessary performance testing methods are included in the module. Some supported methods are Cumulative Accuracy Profile, ROC, Brier Score are some supported methods.

Project Phases

Database Design & Creation

The most important part of a financial application is its database. Since each institution has its unique dataset, our scoring solution is tailored at the database level.

Customization & Installation

We believe that no solution fits to all the customers. After analyzing the data needs, FINECUS Scoring module is customized for each institution. Although the financial logic remains the same, some modifications have to be needed especially for reporting purposes.

Financial Training

Our financial trainings are aimed at providing transparency and clearing all the black-boxes.

User Training

All of our modules are user-friendly. Our trainings focus on mastering the use of software and interpretation of the results and cause-effect relations. With the trainings, users are able to create and interpret scenarios easily by themselves.

Delivery & Further Maintenance

Maintenance after delivery is just as important as the module itself. The software is immediately updated according to developments in the literature, new financial instruments, and regulations . Users can get first line support via remote access, phone, or on-site visit.

Programming and Technical Properties

Programming Language

FINECUS Avra module uses Java language. The most important feature of Java is, being a object oriented language. Object orientation paradigm makes developing applications easier and enables faster customizations and updates.

Application Features

Our Avra solution is a thin-client application which means that we require no software or hardware for user's computer. All procedures and calculations are handled by the server. User accesses to the tool via intranet using a browser such as Internet Explorer.

MS Excel Integration

All data tables in the software are fully integrated with MS Excel. Data and reports can be exported to CSV, XML and to PDF files.