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FINECUS is one of the leading Financial Software Companies providing insight to managers into the financial sectors. Our aim is to accurately quantify risks, to enable managers to optimize the use of their capitals, to perform risk-return analysis while meeting regulatory requirements.

FINECUS Asset-Liability (fALM) enables managers to quantify risk of their institutions with powerful reporting tools. fALM provides all the sound information needed for sound decision making.It incorporates all the drivers of risk and presents the comprehensive and accurate analysis of the whole balance sheet or for any component of it.

fALM incorporates the necessary tools to analyze What-If scenarios. Any scenario can be created and be examined in full detail into the single individual item of the balance-sheet.

Key Advantages of fALM include ;

- Static and Dynamic gap analysis
- Customized Reports
- Decision Making Graphs
- Market Value of Equity
- Drill-Downs
- Sensitivity Analysis
- Scenario Analysis

Features of the Software


Portfolio Monitoring Tools

All the components and individual items of the balance sheet can be analyzed individually. Customized reports prepared for top management and for departments of the institution presents the outputs in various levels of detail.

Yield Curve Module

Yield curve calculation and yield curve modeling is the core of our asset-liability management solution. We currently support for some interpolation methods (linear and cubic) and some well known yield curve models such as Nelson-Siegel , McCulloch and Echols-Elliot

Static Analysis

FINECUS Asset Liability Module provides Cash-Flow analysis, Maturity analysis, DV01, Duration and Convexity, GAP Analysis, Market Value of Equity, Trend Analysis, Market and Strategic Scenarios. This diversified analysis helps the managers to fully understand the risk and return relationship of their balance-sheet.

Dynamic Analysis

FINECUS Asset Liability Module provides Value at Risk, Earnings at Risk, Market Scenarios, Strategic and Rollover scenarios as well. In the short-run simulation Geometric Brownian Motion (GBM) and Cox-Ingersoll-Ross (CIR) and for the long-run simulations Vector Auto Regressive Model and Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) models are used. fALM incorporates different forecasting models for the long-run simulations which is very crucial for an accurate forecast modeling.

Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)

FINECUS Asset Liability Management solution also supports Funding Curve and Credit Yield Curve. The funding rates of different maturities are also generated by the module. Credit Yield rates can also be tracked for different credit types.

Scenario Analysis Module

FINECUS Asset Liability Management solution aims to provide a quite flexible scenario creation and testing platform for the user. Users are able to evaluate the impact of runoff or entry to new segments, model changes in credit quality, manage and understand the effect of market changes and customer movements. It helps to stabilize margin and earnings volatility, forecast future earnings precisely ad to manage profitability.

Project Phases

Database Design & Creation

The most important part of a financial application its database. Since each institution has its unique dataset, our asset liability management solution is tailorized at the database level.

Customization & Installation

We believe that no solution fits to all the customers. According to data needs, FINECUS Asset Liability Management module is customized for each institution. Athough the financial logic remains the same, some modifications have to be needed.

Financial Training

Our financial trainings are aimed to provide transparency and to clear all the black-boxes.

User Training

All our modules are user-friendly. Users are trained for the most critical part which is interpretation of the results and cause-effect relations. With the trainings users are able to create and interpret scenarios with more ease.

Delivery & Further Maintenance

Maintenance after delivery is at least as important as module itself. Any new financial instrument and technique is added instantly to the software.

Programming and Technical Properties

Programming Language

FINECUS Asset Liability Managament module uses Java language. The most important feature of Java is, being a object oriented language. Object orientation paradigm makes developing applications easier and enables faster customizations and updates.

Application Features

Our asset-liability management solution is a thin-client application which means that we require no software or hardware for user's computer. All procedures and calculations are handled by the server. User accesses to the tool via intranet using a browser such as Internet Explorer.

MS Excel Entegration

All data tables in the software are fully integrated with MS Excel. Data and reports can be exported to CSV, XML and to PDF files.